Branded Environments & Environmental Design

Instrumental Brand Engagement

Your brand isn’t just a set of guidelines to follow. It’s who you are, and what you represent. At Envision, we’re experts at capturing the essence of your brand and expressing it through physical spaces and the customer experience.

We’re thoughtful and deliberate in our attention to detail and unique approach to creating an environment that seamlessly integrates into your space and connects people to stories and messages that resonate.
Our innovative designs illustrate the purpose and values behind your brand and build engagement — connecting customers to your brand in a meaningful way and making them feel at home.

What are clients say

“We are delighted with the designs that Envision came up with for the space, and thrilled with the quality of execution. They have met our needs on every level and are truly professional in how they go about their work”.

Andrew Reid
Senior Marketing Manager, Aequitas NEO

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Our team of 80 seasoned professionals is here to skillfully craft solutions that enhance the connection between your brand and your valued customers. Your journey begins as we collaborate and explore unique design-thinking approaches to solving your most complex business challenges.

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