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Mount Sinai Hospital

From its humble beginnings in 1923 as a tiny, 30-bed Jewish hospital located in Ontario, Canada  to now becoming a culturally inclusive health centre for all across North America, Mount Sinai is truly world class. Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the leading teaching and research hospitals in North America, employing interpreters that translate more than 45 languages for its patients. As part of Mount Sinai’s $500 million “Renew Sinai” capital campaign, the Hospital appointed Envision to develop a new wayfinding and donor recognition strategy across more than 300,000 square feet of the Hospital’s Toronto campus. At the centre of this project was the design and installation of a memorable donor wall that would celebrate and recognize nearly 100 years of contributions to the Hospital and subtly catch the attention of the 10,000 people who walk through the main lobby every day.

Project details

Service Strategy, design, build, installation, digital integration

Industry Healthcare

Location Toronto Ontario

Envision designed, built and installed an innovative and digitally-led donor recognition experience that created a relaxing and soothing environment while blending seamlessly into the architecture of the renovated main lobby corridor. The wall combines thoughtful design and leading-edge technology, including a Content Management System (CMS) that allows Hospital staff to update donor information directly from their donor databases, in order for new information to be updated and fully integrated with existing content in a timely and seamlessly manner. 

What are clients saying

This wall surpasses our expectations and makes such a significant contribution to the hospital’s landscape. It is an ever-changing piece that has brought an entirely new level of art form to this hospital, and for that, we are grateful to the Envision team.

Tony diCosmo
Vice President, Donor Relations, MSH Foundation

The result — an eye-catching 50-foot by 12-foot digital donor wall — in a space that visitors and staff describe as “living art,” with moving images, messages and stories about donors, volunteers and staff who graciously sustain the Hospital and its commitment to the Toronto community.

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