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Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation

Since 1961, Joseph Brant Hospital has been serving the Burlington, Ontario community with exceptional, state-of-the-art health care. In an effort to keep up with the rapid changes in health care technology and the evolving needs of the community, the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation embarked upon an ambitious capital campaign to support an expansion and redevelopment of the Hospital — one that would double the Hospital’s size. They chose Envision to play an integral role in this project by creating a new wayfinding system for the Michael Lee-Chin and Family Patient Tower, a 300,000-square-foot, seven-story tower overlooking Lake Ontario and the Burlington Skyway Bridge.

Project details

Service Design, build and installation of digital donor wall, static donor walls and donor recognition plaques and signage

Industry Institutions

Location Burlington Ontario

Envision designed and implemented a comprehensive interior and exterior wayfinding and signage system for the Hospital, one that delivered a cohesive design standard and also employed our online location planning and message scheduling tool for Hospital staff to easily and clearly manage changes to signage. Our team also followed a phased implementation plan that aligned with the construction schedule of the Hospital, and allowed our team to simultaneously develop the second phase of the project — a series of donor recognition installations within the new expansion of the Hospital.

What are clients saying

“Envision presented a concept that reflected our vision for donor recognition taking into account the design elements in our new patient tower and delivered a truly unique donor wall that has become an engaging and extraordinary showpiece in our main lobby. It was a pleasure working together, as partners, to recognize our donors and their contributions to our new Hospital.”

Anissa Hilborn
President, Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation

The redevelopment and expansion were possible thanks to more than $65 million in generous contributions made by the local community, and The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation sought to recognize each one with various digital donor wall installations throughout the new tower. Envision designed, built and installed various static and digital donor recognition spaces throughout the new hospital, culminating in a signature digital donor wall that serves as the centerpiece of the tower’s main atrium. The donor wall design features a large-scale, 24-screen digital wall that wraps around a key corner of the tower’s lobby and feeds into a permanent, static wall that commemorates the donors who supported the capital campaign. The installation boasts natural sunlight and features a tribute to Joseph Brant, the Hospital’s namesake — ultimately creating a timeless, functional piece of art in the heart of the new tower.

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