Joseph Screnci

Senior Graphic Designer

“Throughout my time at Envision, I've been able to work alongside team members with various skills and design disciplines to tackle projects from all angles, ensuring we provide the best solutions for our clients.”

My Story

I joined the team in October of 2007. My journey at Envision started as a junior designer, providing concepts, laying out presentation packages, and ensuring print files are prepared correctly for final output. Since then, I’ve progressed my role within the design team, by working on projects of varying complexities and working with our internal team on executing digital experiences for our existing and new clients.

From day one, Envision’s Founder, Brien Hayes, has always promoted the idea of collaborative, innovative thinking. This approach has always made me feel empowered to share my ideas and maintain an open dialogue throughout the design process. Along the way, I’ve worked with many great leaders who have pushed me to not only be a better designer, but also an effective communicator with our many great clients.

After years as a student member, and later an affiliate member, in 2019 I successfully completed my RGD certification. With the support of my colleagues, I successfully completed the certification process by leveraging my experience and involvement on many great projects at Envision.

Having been a continued member of SEGD, I’ve been able to attend various industry events, while also being a part of a great community of design thinkers and collaborators relevant to Envision. As a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, I’ve increased my knowledgebase of UX design, and effectively apply the design thinking process to any design problem. I’ve been able to improve my managerial skills by taking part in leadership training, along with members of the management team across all departments and receiving certificates of completion.

I would like to continue to build upon the foundation Envision started many years ago, by meeting the needs of our clients and creating meaningful experiences that all members of the Envision team can be proud of. I am most looking forward to taking on new and exciting opportunities that will allow us to push the limits of our skills and capabilities.

I’ve been able to collaborate and learn from other designers, as well as project managers, production staff and our leadership team. I’ve also had the opportunity to gain industry experience from day one by working with various clients from the retail, financial, institutional, and real estate sectors. Working as part of a team on a variety of projects, it has been very fulfilling to see our proposed solutions come to fruition.

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