Delanie Avola

Senior Project Manager

“Working at Envision has expanded my project management career and allowed me to work next to incredibly talented people.”

My Story

I was hired by Envision in June of 2019. I was originally hired for a Project Coordinator position and over the last two years I’ve progressed into a Senior Project Manager role. Both my manager and our People & Culture leader have helped me grow my career and continue to move up in this company. Envision loves to see people succeed and rewards you for having a strong commitment to your role.

Through development conversations, Envision encouraged me to sign up for my PMP Certification. They supported me financially and really pushed me to reach my full potential. When you are surrounded by intelligent, successful coworkers it inspires you to be the best that you can be, to help support the team.

I look forward to watching the company grow and the opportunities to work on exciting new projects! Envision has plenty of depth, and many talented people in each division. We can really be a one-stop-shop for our clients.

Our team is down to earth and enjoys creating a fun work environment, all while maintaining professional and high-class products and services.

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