Sunnybrook Tap-to-Donate

The Task

In today’s day and age empathy runs high and people generally want to contribute to good causes they believe in. However, it isn’t always easy to do, which deters many would-be donors. Envision’s task was to help our customer create a beautiful display that would aid in eliciting spontaneous giving, in a frictionless way. The unit had to both stand out to capture attention and blend in well with the existing environment.

Sunnybrook Foundation
Design, build and installation
Toronto GTA

The Result

Envision created this beautiful Tap to Donate wood, metal, and Corian unit, with backlit lettering, and custom content, to promote donating towards the Sunnybrook Foundation. The sleek design is clean, modern, and elegant, playing off the environment’s design and architectural features. The use of metal detailing plays another role – aside from being an aesthetic feature, it also acts as a bumper to protect the unit from the hospital’s heavy traffic flow of people and equipment. The 40” high definition screens works perfectly in the bright hospital environment and tells the story of the foundation and compels new donors to give. Completing the transaction is seamless and intuitive and can be done with a simple tap!

“The Envision team provided amazing concepts for our revolutionary Tap-to-Donate fixture – a first of its kind in Canada. They were able to make it attractive, functional and live in harmony with the digital donor wall that they also designed and installed. They were patient as we worked through a complex approval process and site preparation at the hospital. We are raising money and are thrilled with the result!”

Anita Dundys Manager, Community Giving, Sunnybrook Foundation