The Task

Aequitas NEO tasked Envision with coming up with a design that transformed the existing space. The design required demolition of existing facilities, and the creation of a significant main digital wall and accompanying back lit graphics. Most importantly, the resulting design needed to be multifunctional – with a typical set up as a traditional reception area and the ability to easily transform into an event space.

Aequitas NEO Exchange
Design, build, installation, digital integration
Toronto, Ontario

The Result

Envision’s transformation of the space centred around a main ten screen digital canvas featuring a live ticker feed plus customized NEO content. The digital screens are supported by high resolution back lit graphics to create an environment which is bright, energetic, and alive to the eye. Most importantly, it easily transforms into a live event space where we have curated a digitally enabled “countdown” experience to their live bell and stock market opening. The overall result creates the desired vibe of a modern, progressive company, creating an outstanding experience for its guests and visitors.

“We are delighted with the designs that Envision came up with for the space, and thrilled with the quality of execution. They have met our needs on every level and are truly professional in how they go about their work”.

Andrew Reid Senior Marketing Manager, Aequitas NEO Inc.