Mount Sinai Hospital

The Task

As part of the hospital’s “Renew Sinai” project, Mount Sinai hired us to develop a new wayfinding and donor recognition strategy to be rolled out across the entire hospital. At the centre of this project was a requirement to design and build a memorable donor wall that would celebrate people whose generosity sustains the hospital.

Mount Sinai Hospital
Strategy, design, build, installation, digital integration
Toronto, Ontario

The Result

A signature digital donor recognition wall in the corridor of the hospital’s main lobby. The unique wall combines style and leading edge technology at 50’ x 12’ in size, spanning 21,000 pixels. Our content management system allows the hospital to update donor information via a database, so that new information is integrated seamlessly with the existing content.

This wall surpasses our expectations and makes such a significant contribution to the hospital’s landscape. It is an ever-changing piece that has brought an entirely new level of art form to this hospital, and for that, we are grateful to the Envision team.

Tony diCosmo Vice President, Donor Relations, MSH Foundation