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Though drones seem to be the latest tech craze, they have been around for nearly 170 years, albeit in a different physical form. Simply defined as an unmanned aerial vehicle, the first drone was a balloon-type flying object filled with explosives used in combat. Once winged aircrafts were developed, the drone evolved into the flying device that we’re familiar with today. Whether you’ve heard a distinct buzzing sound and gone outside to investigate, or you’ve seen them flying overhead, drones have soared in popularity and interest. However, for companies looking to use these “flying eyeballs” to advance their business, we ask ourselves “What role are drones currently playing to support commercial business models?”

Tech-savvy retailers, including large banks and home improvement conglomerates, are turning to drone technology to identify gaps in the customer experience. Drones are being used widely by these companies for capturing both external and internal data. Videos and images of sites or spaces are carefully analyzed to closely evaluate customer traffic flow, in-store layouts, drive-thru experiences, and physical marketing opportunities. This valuable data provides a heightened level of accuracy and detail, which empowers businesses to make better strategic and planning decisions, all with the ultimate goals of: 1) engaging customers more effectively; 2) cross-selling products and services; 3) increasing efficiency; and 4) reducing costs. The unprecedented challenges of Covid-19 have placed a strain on many businesses, but smart resilient companies are using this time of change to reevaluate their business model and implement cost-saving strategies and efficiencies — many of which are augmented by drone technology.

Amazon successfully completed its first Amazon Prime Air delivery in December 2016 using a fully autonomous drone without a human pilot. This future delivery service option will be rolled out to customers who wish to make a purchase and receive it within 30 minutes. Amazon, like many other companies, has placed a particular emphasis on investing in innovative technology to help expand their footprint and increase their competitive edge. Market share is up for grabs, and drones can help to change the game when used effectively.

Drones are also becoming more prolifically used by architects, engineers, construction management companies, and other businesses which require aerial views of work sites. The ability to capture video and images from above, around and inside a space has changed the way we analyze, adapt, and/or market a space.

As of January 2021, there were more than a million drones registered in the United States alone, and of those, 27 percent were registered for commercial purposes. The drone market has demonstrated a 6.4 percent annual growth rate and it’s likely we will see an increase among major business players welcoming drone technology with open arms.

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