Duke Heights BIA sought to define and develop a brand identity within their geographic jurisdiction and engaged Envision to conduct a thorough study of various sites for renewed uses. Our team identified the most high impact areas for enhancement, and began developing  solutions for a re-designed Radio Tower, an array of BIA brand identity beacons, and notable gateway features at prominent intersections that would be highly visible during the day and night. Our engineers used materials such as concrete, steel, Corian and solar panels to create a barrier to prevent any vandalism of the exterior markers and to increase their energy efficiency.

Envision installed a total of 42 exterior markers around the Duke Heights BIA, refurbished the existing Radio tower, and installed a gateway feature into the neighbourhood that clearly identifies the Duke Heights area to all visitors to the neighbourhood.

Our team reimagined the radio mast design and placed an LED Duke Heights BIA sign on a metal exoskeleton that perfectly fit onto the radio mast tower. This solution prevented our team from compromising the historical integrity of the tower, and allowed for the creation of an impressive BIA branded sign attached to the tower. Envision also introduced low voltage LED lights surrounding the tower to capture visitors’ attention as they entered the space, further enhancing BIA brand recognition.